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Plantar Fasciitis

This is one of the most common causes of heel pain. It is a disorder of the connective tissue (plantar fascia) which supports the arch of the foot. It is most common in people 40 – 60 years old. Plantar fasciitis feels worse first thing in the morning and when getting up after sitting for a while.  There is no clear cause of this condition.  However, there are some risk factors such as a sudden increase in exercise, being overweight, or excessive running. 

Usually patients with plantar fasciitis may suffer heel or foot pain which is worse in the morning, or after prolonged periods of rest. Pain comes on gradually. Usually in one foot only 
This condition can be diagnosed by the doctor after an in-depth case history and physical examination.  
Diagnostic imaging such as ultrasound can establish the severity of the problem but is not always necessary.  
There are a number of treatments for plantar fasciitis provided by Dr. Akeela. These include individualised exercise programmes and stretches, biomechanical assessment and provision of orthotics if necessary.
Injections of PRP (platelet rich plasma)  are reserved for the difficult longstanding cases.
Plantar Fasciitis In Jordan

Plantar Fasciitis In Jordan

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